Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a great test!!

Hurm...should i write this post in english or in bm??? ..Blank..

Ok, i've decided to write in it ok??ok je

This is all about the journey to KMB. "Journey" in terms of preparation before i register there on 23rd of June. To be more specific, medical check-up.

Firstly, the offer letter i received stated that the medical check-up should only be done in general hospital/klinik kesihatan daerah and so on but not in private. The statement, "Pengesahan kesihatan hanya boleh dilakukan oleh pegawai perubatan kerajaan." So i guess it's right.

Then, i went to the klink kesihatan semenyih to do the medical check-up. And guess what...i will get my blood test result in 2 months. Sounds like ridiculous+nonsense and any other words synonym to that. The first time i went, the H.A (hospital attendant) who's in charge told me that i can only manage to do the X-ray and they took my blood. The rests should be done on 18th of June. Is it an appointment?? I went to the clinic on 25th of May. Then, i need to wait for about 3 weeks to complete my medical check-up. Now it's getting worst. Right??

Nothing can be done. Then, i went to the clinic again on the appointment date. Whatever. Oh forgot about BM. Rupe2nye semua budk yg buat medical check-up dtg aritu jgk. Now i'm getting angry+panas+annoying. So in the past 3 weeks, what have they been doing. When get my turn to enter the checking room, i'm getting more and more angry. They said that i can't do the medical check-up as i don't get my blood test result. NOTHING TO DESCRIBE, but they all x lebih dari smph. At the last minute baru nak bgtau. Rase cam nak mencarut je.

Dgn kepanikan yg melampau, sbb tggl brpe ari je lagi nak daftar. They all really terrible. I'm almost cry there. Mcm masa dpn aku dah gelap. Then, ayah aku srh buat blood test tu kat KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital but the result will be out on Monday. Still x smpt sbb kmgkinan rslt tu dpt ptg. Now i'm really want to cry. Akhirnye, jmpe satu diagnostic clinic and ble siap in 2 days, maknenye ari Sabtu dah dpt. Huh, now i'm a little bit relieved. RM100 melayang. Just waiting for the result and on Monday i will go back to the horrible clinic to complete my medical check-up. Hope so.
Just waiting and waiting...the only thing that can be done.


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  1. Alhamdulillah...
    Akhirnye siap gak mdcl check-up nih...