Saturday, June 26, 2010


People always said, life is full with colours when there's a changing pace in it. Every day, every night, the phrase keep lingering in my mind. Figuring what does it really means argh, perhaps it is reliable or just another ideology created by philosophers to express their very subjective emotions.

Life is once, so enjoy it to the fullest! Don't be too serious! Another phrase again and again but this one given by people surrounding me. Sometimes it is hard to tell them the truth why we acting such a way. Why? Because it is norm for human to react differently towards what they see. Depending what kind of person they are. That is life to me...

Almost 19 years, i breathe, i sleep at night and wake up in the morning. The routines follow the sequence as it is suppose to be. My journey is keep going on following the path that i've chosen.

Throughout the journey, many things i've had experienced. Maybe i just want to highlight one thing. NEVER WORKING WITH SOMEONE WHO IS/ARE REALLY ..... Almost all the time being asked/forcely need to work together with someone who don't really understand what is the meaning of responsibility, commitment, teamwork, consideration to the others. Just think about themselves.

"Sorry, i fall asleep."
"Sorry i'm tired."
"Later i go ok." (but never come)
What more reasons....

If ur heart says that u don't want to go, fulfill ur responsibility, u will keep giving thousands , even millions of reasons to escape.

Kpd mereka yg turut melaluinya, berbaliklah kpd firman Allah S.W.T ini:

“Sesungguhnya berbahagialah orang yang sabar dan mahu memaafkan, kerana perbuatan semacam itu termasuk perbuatan-perbuatan yang sangat utama.”

(QS. As Syura:43)

P/s: Sesungguhnya kesudahan yg baik adalah untuk org2 yg beriman. InsyaAllah...

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