Thursday, May 28, 2009

Master the language is vital!!!


Of course english, the global language which is used in worldwide as a medium to communicate...sounds like i'm going to write nothing, except for rubbish. that so??

i'm going to pursue my study (medic) in overseas. insyaAllah if it is destined for me by God. but the thing that strangle the string in my head is just that my skill in english command. do i already good?? do i have high proficiency in that language?? can i manage myself in the foreign country since i really don't have the confidence to communicate with the people in there? no need to say much, i even afraid to speak with the Malaysians who are prone to speak in English. what the heck is going on!


Later, can i really success when i'm studying abroad?? really which means, absorbs everything, the knowledges related to medical studies and of course the skills, the practical one. now, i start to think about my future. to look forward, what happen to me 8 years from now. Oh my God! i really hope i can face through all the obstacles in my life...

Since that, i know that no one can help me except for myself. i can't blame my parents for not growing me with the skills of english since i was a kid. it can't be the issue, the excuse and the matter to think about too much. i know someday i'll be able to master this language even better than mdm lim ( my english set teacher). i still remember what she said that mastering the language is not the thing that can be done in a few days even months. i know and somehow i believe it even i'm not the type who are easily accepting other people's views. Standing with the fact that Rome doesn't built in one day, i learn everything will take a long journey, but the revenue is something that can be proud of even after 100 years.

To be frank, i still afraid whether i can really carry myself in the IB and...when i manage to study abroad. God please help me and i'll always strive for the best. Pray and struggle that's the only thing that i can do.

Note:why i'm writing my post in English?? hurm...later i will know, i guess.


  1. By no means it is wrong to write your blog in English.
    Heck, the best way of learning is to use what you've learned. With that said, POBIN, do more with English. Write, speak and listen. IB ain't that hard (rasenye la.haha.). Like what you've been saying, what the mind believes, the body can achieve. Your good, none can deny that fact. You'll make it.
    Lots of luck!

  2. thnx for advise me,nas...:-)
    "IB ain't that hard"(harap mulut ko masin,haha)
    you're good too and that's a fact...
    anyway best of luck to u!!...

  3. Nas..I think u can be a great motivator+you're right..POBIN..u don't have 2 really create a stress regarding that matter..take one step at a time(cam lagu jordin sparks la pulak)..anyway all the best 2 both of u..

  4. Thnx 2 u atong....perhaps that's right...take one step at a time...
    wishing u the best also la atong even we will meet at kmb later..haha