Saturday, August 1, 2009


It's been a long time i'm not updating my blog...really a long time

What a cliche opening...ahak

1 August 2009, shows that it's been a month+ i becoming the be frank it's not an easy thing to adapt myself here...(yeah surrounding by the excellent students sometimes make me sick!) After all this is the reality. What can i do, just face it. Oh not to miss, i'm in the same class with Usop. Overall ok je...

Before that i just want to put some pictures during the orientation week. I suppose to put it for a long time ago,but i'm too busy and dont really have what they called 'ample time'. So, i'm just going to put it here, right now (btw i lost some of the pictures and the blame should be on Asyraf a.k.a Atong) So irritating and annoying ...

(Not really like SASER's punye backdrop-handmade)

Now the serious part (is it??) Currently, the whole world are in chaos due to the new viral discovery H1N1 (i don't really remember what the term stands for) The same goes too KMB/MCB....its spreading very fast.OMG!!! But the best thing we were given holiday for a week...HAHA!!!

And due to that too, i can online for the entire week, because i don't have any hwrk. Too bad to the other classes. For Math (killer/horror/curse subject among IB students), i need to do something about it. Easy to say it's not really like the Add Math in SPM. Seriously!! (what a dull ending)...Since then, bye to my blog